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Welcome to Bubble Fizz

Where the magic of bubbles meets the joy of childhood and adult celebrations! Our story is one of inspiration, led by a remarkable woman who's not only a successful entrepreneur but also a loving mother of two wonderful daughters.

Meet Anna, the creative force and heart behind Bubble Fizz. Her journey into the world of children's parties and entertainment was ignited by a desire to combine her passion for creating memorable experiences with her dedication to motherhood. As a mom, Anna understands the importance of crafting special moments for children, and this drove her to create a business that turns dreams into reality.

Anna's commitment to excellence and her knack for sparking imagination has made Bubble Fizz a cherished name among families seeking one-of-a-kind celebrations. With a passion in event planning and a deep love for bubbles, Anna has curated a magical world where laughter and wonder are the order of the day.

At Bubble Fizz, we prioritize safety and sustainability, offering eco-friendly, non-toxic foam products that ensure the well-being of children and our planet. Every event we host is a testament to Anna's dedication to making parenthood a little more magical and a lot more stress-free.

Join us in celebrating the incredible journey of a woman who's not only a loving mother but also an entrepreneurial trailblazer. Explore our range of party options and let us transform your party or event into a Bubble Fizz adventure your guests will cherish forever. We're here to create joyful memories with you and your family, one bubble at a time.

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